Judy Hung has regularly performed as a Baroque violinist and violist. She has performed with Studio de Musique Ancienne de Montreal, Ensemble Caprice, Les idées heureuses, as well as music festivals including Early Music Vancouver, Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute, and Montreal Baroque Music Festival.

She has given masterclasses and lecture recitals in Baroque Performance Practice at National Dong-Hua University, Wu-Ling High School, Syracuse University, and over 100 middle and high schools in Taiwan and North America.

Her principal teachers include Chantal Rémillard (Baroque violin); Laurette Goldberg (harpsichord & fortepiano); Bonnie Choi (harpsichord); Herndon Spillman, and Kola Owolabi (organ). She has worked in masterclasses and coachings with Marilyn McDonald, Marc Destrube, Elizabeth Wallfisch, Hélène Plouffe (Baroque violin), Tom Beghin (fortepiano), Barbara Weiss, Hank Knox (basso continuo), Lisa Goode Crawford, Webb Wiggins, Geneviève Soly (harpsichord), Jacques Ogg (harpsichord & fortepiano) and Luc Beauséjour (clavichord).

Baroque Violin: