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West Islander reaches out globally with hope in a universal language (The Suburban)

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By Chelsey St-Pierre The Suburban; April 15, 2020

West Island resident and musician Judy Hung decided to reach out and share her gift with the world while isolating at home. Hung solicited more reactions than she expected to when she took on her musical outreach project a few weeks ago.

Hung plays the piano, the violin as well as a variety of other instruments. She has been in self-isolation at home due to the COVID-19 government regulations for three and a half weeks and she spends her days playing music. When she mentioned the number of online musical initiatives she has taken on due to international requests, she also noted that the family dogs are happy to receive the extra attention and that she enjoys the additional time at home to cook.

“I spend most of my days now playing music at home, answering requests from people all around the world while following through with my students online,” Hung told The Suburban. “The idea is to give people comfort and positive energy.”

As a musical instructor by profession, Hung understands that for many of her students, music feels like an essential part of their lives. After taking the time to convert as many of her students as she could to online classes, she took on other projects. “It is not always possible, because some need help in person for different reasons, whether it is needing extra help to tune their instrument or the way they learn in general, but I am doing my best with what I can do to make my services available to them,” she explained.

“My entire family apart from my husband are in Taiwan, so I am following the course of events in both worlds and in this way I can reach almost everyone I love,” Hung said.

Hung’s online reach went much further than she could have expected. She posted dozens of videos, each one having up to 3,000 viewers per post and reaching people around the world.

Hung also received a request to perform a virtual lunch hour concert for her husband Mike Spooner’s company. “She is blessed with skills that people enjoy, it brings everyone together, even though we are all apart,” he told The Suburban. “I’ve received requests from all over the world including Taiwan, Europe and Canada.”

‘’Music is the universal language that every person worldwide can connect to,” Hung said to The Suburban. “I want to send out a message of hope.”